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[AX•IX] verb
To never back down from the adversities of life regardless of the circumstances.
Every single person has had to endure some sort of hardship or struggle. Obstacles are constantly being placed in our paths. But America was built on two things; hard work and dedication. When these obstacles arise it's up to you to decide how you'll respond. Always push back. Always fight on. No matter how hard it gets always find a way or make one.
Our goal; create a brand that pays homage to and embraces the core values on which this country was built. Cores values that are embraced and practiced daily by the one’s in this world who refuse to back down. The one’s who choose to overcome their obstacles rather than be defeated by them. The one’s who, no matter the circumstances, always find a way or make one. We dedicate this brand to you, the people, that dig in and keep pushing. We are AXIX.


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